Meeting Tuesday, Apr 21

The Oakland City Council is taking advantage of the Covid-19 health crises to ram through a tenant activist wish-list ordinance with virtually no notice or input.

The Council is voting on 60+ Amendments to the Tenant Protection Ordinance. They are trying to take advantage of an emergency to push through legislation that has nothing to do with COVID-19 at all

The “emergency” ordinance makes significant changes to the Tenant Protection Ordinance (and Rent Adjustment Program):

  • Eliminates your right to agree upon occupancy limits and forces owners to accept additional tenants anytime during the tenancy to the maximum allowed by law
  • Forces owners to accept sub-tenants, undermining vacancy decontrol by indefinitely extending the terms of tenancy to new residents
  • Limits late fees going forward to 1% of the rent where courts for years have said 5% is customary
  • Prohibits any changes to the terms of tenancy without tenant consent
  • Expands tenants rights to sue owners for harassment
  • Erects barriers to owners building new ADUs

None of this has anything to do with COVID-19. The Council is just taking advantage of this pandemic to pass through a tenant activist wish-list of punitive changes.

Contact the council members immediately (email list below)

Click here to download the proposed TPO Legislation

Virtually attend the council meeting for your voice to be heard at 1:30pm on Tuesday, April 21.

Click Here for the On-Line Meeting Link

IMPORTANT: Due to the suspension of the Sunshine Ordinance and Council’s Rules of Procedures, all public comment on the action items will be taken at the beginning of the meeting under agenda item 1. Comment for items not on the agenda will be taken under open forum at the end of the meeting.

Contact the council members below and CC
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Rebecca Kaplan
Council President (At Large Member)

Dan Kalb
District 1 Council Member

Nikki Fortunato Bas
District 2 Council Member

Lynette Gibson McElhaney
District 3 Council Member

Sheng Thao
District 4 Council Member

Noel Gallo
District 5 Council Member

Loren Taylor
District 6 Council Member

Larry Reid
District 7 Council Member

Barbara Parker
City Attorney

Libby Schaaf

Darran Ranelletti
Policy Director for Housing Security