Small Property Owner Representation Services (SPORS) Application

In partnership with the City of Oakland, EBRHA is providing small property owner/operator assistance and representation in Oakland Rent Adjustment Program (RAP) petition cases and in Housing, Residential Rent and Relocation Board (HRRRB) appeal proceedings. EBRHA will assist qualified owners/operators with education, case preparation and filing, and negotiating resolutions and agreements. Qualified applicants should ensure they are compliant with local laws and ordinances that govern rental properties in Oakland.
For example:

Link to RAP Fee InformationRAP fees for eligible properties should be paid, where applicable.
Link to Rent Registry InformationUnits that fall under Rent Control and the Just Cause Ordinance, should be registered with Oakland’s Rent Registry Program.
Link to Oakland Business License InformationAll applicable business licenses should be current. 


For more information about rental housing provider compliance OR if you have questions about the assistance program, contact an EBRHA specialist at or 510-347-8505. We’re here to help you get started!

The application should take about five (5) minutes to complete and only one (1) application by an owner/operator is permitted. Please review the information above before applying. Information collected is kept private, remains confidential and only used to determine applicant eligibility.

Please print the completed survey page for your records. 

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