The East Bay Rental Housing Association (“EBRHA”) is a full-service nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting fair, safe, and well maintained residential rental housing that is compliant with local ordinances and state/federal laws. The majority of EBRHA members are small family and typically elderly rental housing providers across Alameda and Contra Costa counties with a majority of our members in the City of Oakland. These rental housing providers are critical to solving the housing shortage in the City of Oakland.

As a significant service to our members, EBRHA responds to thousands of phone calls and emails each month to help both member and non-member owners and tenants navigate the complex labyrinth of laws and ordinances that apply to rental housing. We are one of the few organizations that has deep knowledge and broad perspective on the impact that housing ordinances have on the community. We also are in a unique position to aid local cities in the implementation of new laws and policies through educating rental housing providers.